Leyton Cycle Hub

Organisation name: Waltham Forest Council
Description of activity: Innovation in Waltham Forest Leyton Cycle Hub was built as part of Waltham Forest’s ‘Mini-Holland’ programme, and officially opened on 3rd May 2017. It is the flagship cycle hub among the eight new hubs being built in Waltham Forest, and is the sixth one to open.

Situated in one of the busiest commuting areas, adjacent to Leyton Underground station, the cycle hub needed to be a beacon of the Mini-Holland scheme, encapsulating the passion and commitment of the borough towards cycling and providing an innovative piece of cycling infrastructure.

Building a super-hub

The hub was designed and built by Cyclepods. Its solution provided a large number of cycle parking spaces and maximised the space available, accommodating the large footfall from the Underground station and nearby retail park. The hub is fully equipped with the most up-to-date, ecofriendly and user-friendly facilities available. It features state-of-the-art access control technology, which provides maximum security. This technology links to Waltham Forest’s Cycle Hub membership scheme where users apply online for a key fob, which gives them access to all of Waltham Forest’s cycle hubs for an annual cost of £25