Station of the year 2016

Organisation name: Abellio Great Anglia
Description of activity: An impressive project with a long-term aim Cambridge CyclePoint is the largest, purpose-built cycle park at any UK rail station, serving a population that has the highest propensity to cycle in the country. Abellio set out with an ambitious aim: to provide a landmark site in the city’s cycle network with enough cycle parking to meet or exceed demand for the next 10 years.

The project offers a high capacity, secure parking facility, within a purpose built structure in a prime position. The choice of location is designed to give cycling the prominence it deserves at a station which already enjoys a 14% modal share, and where significant growth is expected. There is parking for 2850 cycles and sufficient capacity for a 7-10 year period, based on current growth rate figures.

The CyclePoint also has a bike shop offering sales, maintenance, hire facilities and advice. Aiming high Throughout the development, Abellio aimed to meet best practice from other European destinations, and has had high aims. One of these is to encourage more commuters to Cambridge to adopt the European concept of having a bike at both ends of the rail journey, rather than taking their bikes on the train.

The overall response of users has been excellent. The Cambridge Cycling Campaign is of the opinion that it is “the first, best and largest cycle parking facility of its kind”Judges agreed that Cambridge CyclePoint was an impressive project: “It is the flagship station for UK cycle-rail at this period of time and our first entry into the scale of facilities seen in Northern Europe…It speaks for itself and Greater Anglia should be proud of what they have achieved.”