Showcase examples

The following videos are extracts from the Cycle Rail Showcase on line webinar held on June 9th 2021

Recent Cycle Rail developments and the announcement of additional funding.

Phillip Darnton OBE, Chair of the Cycle Rail Working Group speaks from Marylebone station about the continued activity of the Cycle Rail Working Group and it’s importance post pandemic to reinvigorate efforts to develop integrated travel plans.

Chris Heaton-Harris Minister of State at the Department for Transport speaks of the government’s commitment to Cycle Rail travel and announces an additional £2m funding for Cycle Rail projects.

Cycle Parking improvements at Southeastern and Trans Pennine Express stations.

Phillip talks with Nina Peak (Southeastern) and Natasha Marsay (Trans Pennine Express) as they showcase some great new Cycle parking facilities that have been recently introduced.

Examples of some smaller projects

This video shows some recently delivered schemes from around England. These have been delivered by train companies with the support of local authorities like Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Many of the pictures show empty stands – as Phillip correctly says this is partly down to Covid, but some photos were also taken before official openings so they are hopefully now serving passengers. The final photos show an example of the practical challenges train operators have to overcome in delivering schemes

The launch of new Cycle Parking Standards.

Adrian Lord announces the launch of the new Cycle Parking Standards document.

The cycling boom continues and with further developments in cycle security.

Will Norman, Commissioner for walking and cycling in London talks about the continuing cycling boom, safe cycling routes in London and the increase in secure cycle parking.

Mark Cleland Superintendent at British Transport Police discusses the need to improve the collation of cycle theft data and describes the efforts being put in place to tackle cycle crime.

Cycle Rail integrated travel will become even more important in future.

Jessica Mathew Co Director of local directorate at the Department for Transport, talks about how much has changed for the better with Cycle Rail integration and how this will play a vital part in luring more passengers back to Rail transport.