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Cycle Rail Toolkits

There are two versions of the Cycle Rail Toolkit document. The first published in 2012 and the second in 2016. Toolkit 2 is the updated document, recommended to be used as your information source. A link to Toolkit 1 is provided for historical reference and completeness.

Cycle Rail Toolkit 2

This document builds on the success of the original, well received, Cycle-Rail Toolkit. Its advice is not mandatory but shows what good practice looks like. It is also a reference for those delivering measures that encourage greater numbers of people to choose Cycle-Rail and support those who do.

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The purpose of the original Toolkit was to set out best practice in the delivery of measures to encourage more people to choose Cycle-Rail and support those who have already made that choice. It was a suitable resource for TOCs and for those involved in the planning and delivery of specific Cycle-Rail projects.

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Station Travel Plans

Station Travel Plans (STPs) are one of the ways in which the railway industry is trying to better understand, and improve, passengers’ entire door to door journey. More broadly, STPs help the railway play a positive role in the broader transport system in the UK, as a “good neighbour” to the communities we serve.
TOCs and Network Rail are delivering on this agenda. Thousands of new cycle spaces are being installed, and thousands more are planned.

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