Cycle Parking standards

A document which defines new cycle parking and security standards has been launched to help people purchasing, installing and managing cycle parking.

This standard is intended to be widely applicable for public cycle parking procurement within the UK, for example at railway stations and other public transport interchanges, hospitals, educational facilities and at other public buildings. “Public cycle parking” refers to cycle parking used by the general public, whether this is at facilities operated by either the private or public sector.

The document can be seen and downloaded here

Entries now closed

Thank you to all of you who have submitted entries for consideration for the Cycle Rail Awards special showcase event.

The judges are now carefully scrutinising all entries and will be selecting those they feel best demonstrate commitment to and the success of Cycle Rail travel integration during over a decade of investment into cycle parking and security across the rail network.

Good luck to all who have entered. The results will be announced at the showcase event at London’s Living Room, City Hall on Wednesday 15th January.

The Cycle Rail Awards 2020 launch event kicks off on 15th January with an invitation only, showcase event at London’s Living Room at City Hall.

Hosted by London’s commissioner for walking and cycling, Will Norman, the event will highlight how government investment in new Cycle Rail infrastructure, such as high quality, secure cycle parking at stations has transformed how tens of thousands of people now access rail travel by bicycle.

The January event will showcase the best projects delivered through the Cycle Rail programme and will announce the categories for the next Cycle Rail Awards, which will be held later in the year in November.

New cycle racks

The Department for Transport has announced new investment in the Cycle Rail programme that will add thousands of cycle spaces to rail stations.

Thousands of rail commuters will be able to make cycling a seamless part of their journeys thanks to a £6.8 million government investment.

Cycling and Walking Minister Michael Ellis has today (14 June 2019) announced an extra 2,300 cycle spaces to be built at 48 stations across England, enabling commuters to cycle directly to the station and lock up their bike securely.

The investment is part of the Cycle Rail programme, now being backed by over £40 million from the Department for Transport. It has helped tens of thousands of cyclists to make their journeys to work joined up and sustainable.

Phillip Darnton, Chair of the Cycle Rail Working Group, said:

“This latest, most welcome grant to the Cycle Rail Working Group continues the Department for Transport’s successful funding programme which, over the last 5 years, has directly led to the number of trips to and from stations by bike more than doubling.

This cost-effective investment really does work”.

The Cycle Rail programme has already tripled the number of high quality and secure cycle parking spaces at more than 500 stations, bringing the total to over 80,000.

Sustrans logo

Sustrans the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle has been appointed by The Cycle Rail Working Group to manage the annual Cycle Rail Awards which recognises and rewards projects that encourage people to access rail travel by bicycle.

The Cycle Rail Awards have been running for more than a decade during which time more than 80,000 high quality and secure cycle parking spaces have been created at stations across the rail network.

Phillip Darnton Chair of the Cycle Rail Working Group said:

“Sustrans are dedicated to connecting people and places, creating liveable neighbourhoods, transforming the school run and delivering a happier, healthier commute. As such they are the perfect partner to help promote development of Cycle Rail integrated travel through the Cycle Rail Awards.

We are delighted to have them on-board”.